Welcome to Expedition Essentials

Expedition Essentials produce and sell Kayak repair kits that can be used on and off the water for a temporary or lasting repair for those expedition bumps, slips or the rare seal nibble.

Professional sea kayak designer, manufacturer, coach, and guide Howard Jeffs, who has over 50 years of both professional and personal experience on the water, in the UK and throughout the world, is the designer of all our kits.

Composite or Plastic

Our products have been designed for both composite or plastic boats & kayaks and can be purchased singularly or as one of our basic, intermediate, or advance kits.

Vacuum Sealed

All repair kits are compact, vacuum sealed to prevent water ingress, be that in a hatch, dry bag or the pocket of your buyoncy aid.

Trip Essentials

Predominantly Singular use design ensures you have all you need for those trip essentials without adding the extra weight making repairs quick and efficient to get you back on your way.

Our kits have been specifically produced for ease of use and convenience, to ensure you have all you need for the PADDLE UK kayak awards.