about Expedition Essentials
Welcome to Expedition Essentials, for those of you who know my dad the wonderful Howard Jeffs, he has decided to hang up his professional paddles for (apparently) a life of retirement.

I never followed my dad’s footsteps in the world of the outdoors, choosing to have a career working with children and families. Although I spent my childhood on the water and for me the sea has always had a calling.

A childhood filled with adventures

My childhood was filled with adventures that were gifted to me by my dad all from the joys of being able to travel on the water in those wonderful things we call kayaks and canoes, and the Sea Symposiums surrounded by a family of paddling lovers. Memories that I will now and always treasure and be forever grateful to have experienced.

For those of you who have known us Jeffs for a long time and paddled with us as a family, you all I am sure will also have memories with me in small storage hatches, or me and my sister (and often the dog as well) in the centre hatch of the family double. For those of you who don’t I have dug out a few of those classic photos to share for you to enjoy.

A move to Plymouth

As I moved my life to Plymouth to live with my partner and now have my son, we as a family spend as much time as we can enjoying the ocean surrounding us.

The opportunity to create new adventures with the family I have created for myself.

I have supported my dad with the production of his repair kits since they first came out, for anyone who has the 1st edition of the SKANA navigation aid, I tied all those knots for hours on end.

Hanging up his paddles

As Dad discussed hanging up his paddles with us as a family it felt for me that his legacy in some way needed to continue and I felt that continuing Expedition Essentials was a way to do this, maybe even a legacy to hand down to my son in the future.

And so, hear’s to a new chapter for Expedition Essentials where we continue to offer top quality products, to the same design as always, to create new products (still with Howard Jeffs guidance and support) and continuing to be kept as a Jeffs family business.

Thank you

We thank you for supporting us and it leaves me to finish off with a Howard Jeffs quote.

Hope to catch you on the water sometime!’

Fondest wishes,