Denso Tape Kayak Repair Kit


This repair kit will allow you to make small, effective and watertight repairs to the majority of composite or plastic (polyethylene) types of canoe or kayaks, on or off the water, or EVEN UNDER WATER. The adhesion of this grease impregnated material is legendary. Backed on one side with thin aluminium foil, the unpleasant handling of this product has been reduced to a minimum! The contents of the DENSO TAPE Repair Kit are vacuum packed flat, conveniently fitting into a buoyancy aid pocket and/or deck bag. It contains the following items:-

    • Two 100mm x 100mm DENSO TAPE patches.
    • Weight 34g/1.1oz.

I bought one of your Denzo (sic) Repair Kits which was great on my 4 star, neat and simple to use. Superb.

Kag Gannon

Download Information Leaflet here