Epoxy Putty / Pro Power Gaffa Tape Kayak Repair Kit


This repair kit will allow you to make small, effective and watertight repairs to the majority of composite or plastic (polyethylene) types of canoe or kayaks, on or off the water, or EVEN UNDER WATER.

The EPOXY PUTTY pellets can be individually mixed and then forced/pressed into splits or cracks of the boat. This will then set VERY hard in minutes, even under water. However the adhesion qualities of this product are greatly improved if applied dry.

The Pro Power GAFFA TAPE supplied has exceptional adhesion qualities and works well under water. However it MUST BE APPLIED TO A DRY SURFACE.

The contents of the EPOXY PUTTY/Pro Power GAFFA TAPE Repair Kit are vacuum packed and conveniently fit into a buoyancy aid pocket and/or deck bag. It contains the following items:-

  • One roll of 48mm x 4.5 metre roll of adhesive cloth tape
  • Four, individually packed 5gram EPOXY PELLETS
  • One pair of plastic gloves
  • Weight 70g/2.5oz

Download the PDF instruction/information sheet

‘How to’ video