Kayak Hatch / Skeg Stretch Wrap Repair Kit


This stretch wrap repair kit will allow you to make improvised yet effective and watertight repairs to leaking skeg box fittings or replace a lost hatch cover.

The 75 micron Mini Stretch Wrap is substantially stronger than conventional “cling film” which is often carried by paddlers and coasteerers. Wrapping the whole of a hatch area is quick and effective and infinitely stronger than many solutions to an improvised hatch cover.

Mini Stretch Wrap is also useful in First Aid situations, especially if they are in a wet environment or need splinting, take a look at the following:-http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/clingfilm

Leaking skeg box unions is a common weak point in kayaks which can have a devastating effect in difficult conditions. However using something which could later be very difficult or even impossible to remove (surf wax or epoxy putty?) would not be an ideal solution. Self-amalgamating tape can provide an effective repair in this situation which is then easily removed when a professional repair can be executed.

The contents of the Mini Stretch Wrap, Hatch/Skeg Repair kit are vacuum packed to keep them dry until needed. Small enough to fit in your deck bag or stow away in your day hatch. It contains the following items:-

  • One roll or 100mm x 30 metre, 75 micron Mini Stretch Wrap
  • One drying cloth
  • One length of Self Amalgamating Tape
  • Six Cable Ties
  • Weight 320g/11.2oz

Download the PDF instruction/information sheet

‘How to’ video