I am pleased and proud to announce that my Smash ‘n’ Bash Kayak Repair Workshop now qualifies for 18 British Canoeing CPD credits.

The Smash ‘n’ Bash kayak repair workshop is an indoor, interactive session looking at all aspects of Canoe/Kayak production and repair. Although originally developed for sea kayakers, WW kayakers, open canoeists and small boat users will find it equally useful.

In the first part of the morning we will look at transportation, manual handling and how the various craft are produced. The rest of the day is ‘hands-on’. You are given an axe and a plastic and/or composite craft. What damage you create, YOU have to fix (after a little instruction)! We then have a look at cosmetic repairs, seams and keel strips.

The final part of the day will be taken up reviewing and discussing the various emergency repair materials available, what to carry and how to apply them effectively on the water, in the field or back home in the garage. We finish off looking at various skeg designs, issues, repair and replacement.

I have a number of workshops scheduled around the country over the next 6 months from London to Oban. See my Courses page for more information and to book. Alternatively, if your Club or group would like to host a workshop then get in touch with me on info@howardjeffs.com.

Happy Paddling