Hi there

This is just a quick update on the Lanzarote paddling holiday (27 Feb to 5 Mar) and a reminder of the release of the revised Andy Stamp Sea Compendium collection of animated sea theory presentations.

We have just 2 places available for the trip with no booking deadline. Visit my website for more details: https://expedition-essentials.co.uk/paddle-sport/courses-expeditions-availability/

Email me to book on info@howardjeffs.com

After a few teething problems (technology eh?), Andy Stamp’s revised Sea Compendium is now available to buy through my website:

Join Us

Purchase is via a membership which allows access to view the Sea Compendium on my site (3 levels available with each level adding to the previous one so no need to buy all 3 to get the full set). Gift a membership to a paddling friend; immediate access with no postal delays or costs! An ideal last minute Christmas present! ‘Let’s watch a video’ takes on a whole new meaning this festive season!

Happy Paddling and Merry Christmas